How Do I Protect Myself From A Bad Towing Company?

There is nothing worse than calling for roadside assistance and having a terrible tow company appear. Your vehicle and safety means the world to you and as such you shouldn’t settle for a rubbish towing service. You are paying good money, so why not make sure you are getting value from it? The following are a few steps you should take to protect yourself from a bad tow company:

Obtain a Pre-Approved List of Companies from Insurance

You probably have insurance if you own a vehicle and it’s important to utilize these services as much as possible. It may surprise you but insurance companies can at times, help drivers find suitable tow companies. If you wanted to, you could call the insurance carrier up and ask them if they recommend any towing company in the area. Most insurance companies deal with tow companies throughout the year so they may already know a few names.

Ensure the Towing Company Offers 24/7 Service and Are Fully Insured

Roadside assistance may be required at any given time and for that reason, your tow company must be available whenever you need them. This means they have to be available at three in the morning or at noon. Also, the tow company you choose should also be fully insured to cover in case of accidents or damaged caused by them during the tow process. The company must also be bonded and licensed to work in the towing trade. If not, they shouldn’t be used as they aren’t authorized by the state.

Ask For a Breakdown of Charges

You may think this is strange asking for a list of the costs before you have even broken down, but it’s necessary. Drivers must understand how their towing company will charge them. Getting a breakdown list of charges is crucial so that you can be sure you’re happy with the costs. If you aren’t then you know to keep on looking. Also, you can be sure you aren’t being charged over excessively. However, it’s also important to remember that if insurance doesn’t cover the full costs, you must pay the difference.

Check Out Reviews and Feedback Online


Most businesses have some sort of online presence and it’s crucial for you to use this to make sure you’re getting good value for money. Go online and search for the company; you should be able to find out something about them. If there are reviews, read them and find out what the company has to offer. Feedback can also prove useful if you can find it; if not, that doesn’t mean the company is rubbish it just means there is not feedback left as yet. You shouldn’t dismiss this roadside assistance if you feel strongly they are a suitable choice. More explained in this post:

Take the Necessary Steps to Protect Your Vehicle

Too many people don’t have any emergency tow company numbers when out and about and it can be a terrible idea. Some actually settle for whatever service they can get a hold of and sometimes that’s not the best. However, if you take the necessary steps when searching for a towing company then hopefully when an emergency happens, you know the right people to turn to.

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